Index Generator Version 8.8 is now available.


Index Generator will take a PDF book and produce a list of words with associated page numbers.  If the book format is in some other form it must be converted to PDF (Microsoft Word offers this as a Save As option.  OpenOffice also exports to PDF).  Words can then be selected to be included in an index for the book.  Individual pages of a word occurrence can be excluded or included.  Words can be set to reference other words.  Words can be a subheading of other words.  Once the words have been selected, the output can be formatted to your liking.  The index can be printed or saved as a Microsoft Word File, RTF File, Plain Text File or PDF File.  The preview dialog allows coping to the clipboard for pasting into an application of your choosing.  Index Generator can now process password protected PDF files.


Index Generator Downloader and Installer is the recommended install method for Windows Operating Systems.


Index Generator Setup.exe is for Windows Operating Systems.

Index Generator.jar is for other Operating Systems such as Linux and Mac.