USB Drive SyncPlaylist 7.6 is the latest version


USB Drive SyncPlaylist is designed to sync, copy, transfer working Windows Media Player Playlists and associated media to a USB Thumb Drive. This USB Drive can then be used in automobiles with Sync Technology. USB Drive SyncPlaylist will also create Ordered Playlist Folders or M3U Playlists for use in all automobiles with a USB input port.  USB Drive SyncPlaylist is network compatible and can be used with Media Servers.  USB Drive SyncPlaylist also works for many other devices besides automobiles.

Also consider the new SyncPlaylist Lite.  The lite version does not require an install.  Current version of SyncPlaylist Lite is Version 1.1.  SyncPlaylist Lite only transfers one playlist at a time and does not support M3U Playlist conversion.


Note to Windows 10 users: USB Drive SyncPlaylist does not work with Groove Music Playlists.  Instead use Window Media Player to create playlists.  Window Media Player can be found under Start - All apps - Windows Accessories - Window Media Player




SyncPlaylist Screen Shot